About St. George’s School Curriculum

In association with St. James’s Primary School, St. George´s School has developed a specific curriculum, upon which our pupils will evolve, allowing for the possibility of true growth.

Still believing in bilingual education, our curriculum centres its focus on the teaching of the 4 core elements, English and Portuguese Languages, Mathematics and Sciences.

These subjects are complemented by English Literature, a Foreign Language, Geography and History. In this way, we will continue to prepare bilingual pupils who, along with a humanistic culture and solid scientific, technological and artistic knowledge, will be great citizens of the future.

We will start in September 2018 with Year 8 (7º Ano PT) and in the following years with Year 9 (8º Ano PT) and Year 10 (9º Ano PT).

St. George's School curriculum

The Curriculum

Portuguese Language

(PT National Curriculum)

Learning the Portuguese language is the main instrument of self-awareness and of the world. It is in this context that we give relevance to the Portuguese language, reflecting the concern in preparing our students, not only during their schooling, but also for their future personal, academic and professional journey.


(ENG. National Curriculum)

The English language plays a key role in education and society. An education of excellence allows students to speak and write fluently in order to convey their ideas and emotions. Spoken language continues to underpin the development of pupils’ reading and writing during Key Stage 3 and therefore, teachers should ensure that pupils’ confidence and competence in this area continues to develop.


(PT National Curriculum)

Mathematical language is another basic concern, the importance of which in the academic curriculum is unquestionable, and which constitutes a fundamental pillar in the formation of young people. They will develop knowledge of facts and procedures, Mathematical Reasoning, Mathematical Communication, Problem Solving and the understanding of Mathematics as a coherent whole. Regarding the programme, both Geometry and the study of Functions of Real Variables will have a key role in the classes to be taught. Algebra and Statistics will also play an important part thereof.


(ENG. National Curriculum)

English Literature plays an important role in the cultural, emotional, intellectual and social development of our pupils.


(PT National Curriculum)

To complement foreign language learning, pupils will have the possibility to learn another Language and Culture.